Issue 02: Open Call

An Urban Adventure: Let’s Occupy a Left-over Space


To mark the start of PIN-UP’s second issue, ChinaGSD invites you to embark on an urban adventure to re-examine the value in forgotten pieces of our urban fabric. From the dancing grounds under elevated highways to the informal living rooms in dead-end alleys, these spaces that are left out from the city’s rapid growth have found their new purpose through bottom-up appropriation. Beneath their seemingly “obsolete” appearance, these spaces serve as our refuge from the rapid changes of the city.


Open Call 公开招募

Organized by ChinaGSD, the online exhibition “An Urban Adventure: Let’s Occupy a Left-over Space” invites you to discover the opportunities and value in these disregarded spaces in our cities. We welcome submissions across all mediums: it could be a photo documentation, a design project, a short clip of video, or a piece of text. Chosen submissions will be featured on our website (www.harvardchinagsd.com), instagram, wechat, and our collaborating media partners.


Participation 参与方式

  • Please email the submission with the topic of “Left-over Space” to info@harvardchinagsd.com by March 15th, 2021
  • Eligibility: Everyone 
  • The format of the submission is not limited. Pictures, videos, comments, paintings and design projects are all accepted, but the independence and originality of the work must be indicated. 
  • In your submission email, please include the following information: your name, the location of the work(s), the title of your work(s), a brief description.

  • 参展人需在2021年3月15日前以“被遗忘的空间”(Left-over Space)为主题提交作品。
  • 参展人背景、身份不限。
  • 作品形式不限,图片、视频、文字评论、绘画作品及设计方案均可接受,但须注明作品的独立性及原创性。
  • 作品请注明姓名、作品地点、作品名称、介绍及备注。

Format 格式要求

  • Picture: no more than 5, JPEGs or PNGs.
  • Video: MP4
  • Article: Please indicate whether there is a co-author. If the article exceeds 1500 words, please highlight the key paragraph that is most appropriate to the topic.
  • Project: Please submit the comparison of before-after the renovation

  • 图片类:不超过5张,JPEG或PNG格式。
  • 短视频类:MP4格式。
  • 文章类:请注明是否有合著者,如文章超过1500字,请注明与主题最贴切的关键段落。
  • 设计方案类:请提交改造更新前后对比图。

Disclaimer 免责声明

  • ChinaGSD will protect the personal information of the participant.
  • The participant must guarantee the originality of the work, and be responsible for the consequences of plagiarism.

  • ChinaGSD会保护作品提交者的个人信息
  • 提交者需保证作品原创性,若出现剽窃抄袭情况后果由个人负责
  • ChinaGSD保留活动的最终解释权

Examples 参考案例

Abandoned Space

Small-Scale Reclaimed Space

Large-Scale Redesigned Space

With media support from:

ChinaGSD Executive Board

PINUP Chief:  
何牧 Clara He & 汪子京 Tommy Wang

PINUP issue_02 Planning Lead: 

罗西若 Xiruo Luo & 闫雨 Delta Yan

PINUP Media Lead: 

吴叶 Bella Wu

PINUP Media: 
高盛枫 Shengfeng Gao,马骁尧 Xiaoyao Ma,施云子 Yunzi Shi,汪宸宇 Claire Wang,秦瑜 Qin Yu

Open Call Organizers:

林桐 Tong Lin,张世奇 Shiqi Zhang,朱晓东 Xiaodong Zhu

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