Issue 01: Photo Exhibition

“Transience in Sight,

Transience in Site”


A novel sense of transience in our public spaces under the advent of the pandemic has set the tone for an unfamiliar new tempo of change in public life. Subsequently, our temporal and spatial registrations are further reshaped by our own sensory and experiential adaptations in reaction to our fleeting sense of the environment. In today's public space, although buildings and streets as physical containers have not fundamentally changed, the interaction between people and the environment -even objects and the environment- are undergoing tremendous shifts.

The exhibition "Reflecting Upon the Lens of Public Space" curated by ChinaGSD hopes to explore new discoveries and insights in public spaces under the epidemic through photography. Our exhibitors are not limited by any professional background or creative restrictions. The exhibition serves as an open communication platform to present a personalized interpretation of public spaces. From different corners of the world, the 30 participating authors showcase more than 200 photos from regions such as China, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. The collective vision demonstrates public space under the subjugation of the same, global pandemic in varying shifts of tempos, registrations, and understandings.


此次由哈佛大学设计学院中国学生会(ChinaGSD)策划的“镜头:疫情前后的公共空间” 主题摄影展览希望通过摄影作品探索疫情下公共空间中新的发现与见解。此次摄影展面向参展者不设任何专业背景或形式限制,提供一个开放的交流平台呈现对疫情中不同地点的人群对于公共空间的个性化解读。我们希望通过本次摄影展,使征集到的来自中国,美国,日本,英国,荷兰等不同地区30余位作者的200余份作品,在同一时空中生发一场扁平式的对话。

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Organized by: 邱靖怡 Jessy Qiu,陆淳风 Austin Lu,王轶群 Yiqun Wang,曾迪 Di Zeng,陈勇图 Toby Chan,何牧 Clara He,汪子京 Tommy Wang
Graphics/Layout by: 秦瑜 Yu Qin,高盛枫 Lisa Gao,汪宸宇 Claire Wang,施云子 Yunzi Shi,马骁尧 Xiaoyao Ma,吴叶 Bella Wu 

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